Monday, March 14, 2011

O Amor Natural

O Amor Natural Review

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O Amor Natural Feature

O AMOR NATURAL is a documentary film about the erotic poetry of one of the greatest Latin American poets of the 20th century, the Brazilian CARLOS DRUMMOND DE ANDRADE (1902-1987). Visiting the beaches and streets of Rio de Janeiro, filmmaker Heddy Honigmann approaches elderly men and women and asks them to read some of Drummond's explicit verses ("Love guide my verse, and as it guides/wed, soul and desire, member and vulva."), triggering reminiscences the likes of which younger souls rarely hear from their grandparents.

An ode to physical love, through humor and solemnity, through bluntness and tenderness; through melancholy, O AMOR NATURAL is a virile and comforting film with moving, funny, taboo breaking narratives about one of the wonders of creation.

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