Saturday, April 23, 2011

Women of the World, Vol. 2

Women of the World, Vol. 2 Review

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Women of the World, Vol. 2 Feature

We took our cameras to the hottest country in South America with one goal in mind--bring back everything you need to know about finding women and adventure in Brazil! The hottest combination of entertainment you want and the travel info you need--all in one place!

Whether you're a single guy looking to party in Brazil or you just want a taste of Brazilian hospitality, the Women of the World Video Series has everything you need! You will find out where we met the girls, and how you can do exactly what you see in these videos yourself! What guy wouldn't want this?

Volume 1 covers our first 3 days in Rio de Janeiro and is action packed! From wild pool parties full of naked Brazilian girls, to hidden camera footage in secret sex palaces, this video has it all!

Volume 2 continues with the last 5 days of our adventure in Rio! In this video you will see the action on Copacabana & Ipanema beaches, chartered boat parties to deserted tropical islands, naked bonfire parties with local girls we met in Rio, and of course a closeup look at the wildest party on earth, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro!

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