Friday, May 20, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Get Married

Romeo and Juliet Get Married Review

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Shakespeare’s tragic love story is given a sweetly romantic, raucously fresh and inventive retelling by Bruno Barreto with the lovers’ families being passionate fans of opposing soccer teams. Ophthalmologist Romeo is a passionately obsessed fan of the Corinthians football team - and the same goes for his 21-year-old son and his feisty grandmother. While across town, the lovely Juliet lives with her Italian-Brazilian family, and whose father is an equally rabid fan –- and president of the fan club –- of Palmeiras, the Corinthians’ century-old arch rivals. Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love. Romeo, desperate to get in good graces with his future father-in-law, decides to hide his affections for his team and fake a love for Palmeiras: he even dresses in the colors of his hated team. This ruse, soon found out by Juliet (the only person who doesn’t care), takes its toll on Romeo as he needs to venture to the other side of the stadium and root for his dreaded nemesis. The deceptions come to a head as the truth is revealed, tempers flair, and revenge is sought in a series of frantic and hilarious twists.

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